Join our US Vets FastTrack program.

You were there for us – now we’re here for you. At Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, we value your experience in the US Armed Forces. Veterans come away from their military service with discipline, dedication and important training that can serve as a launch pad for a successful career.

If you have certain military experience under your belt, you can be working for us in about a month, even if you have no prior commercial trucking experience. Under an agreement with the Department of Transportation, if you have experience operating certain types of heavy equipment during US Military service, this experience may allow H&A to waive the requirement to complete two years of truck driving before you apply to become an auto hauler.

Once hired at H&A under our US Vets FastTrack program, you will participate in our 3-week job training program to learn the very specific and unique job of being an auto hauler. From driving requirements, to safety procedures, to loading techniques and more, your next job is waiting for you.

  • We are now working with select US military facilities to fast track career placements at H&A for interested veterans.

Driver Guidelines

  • Must have served in a transportation capacity while in military (documentation must be provided and verified)
  • Must meet hiring guidelines (excluding the two years over-the-road experience*)
  • Must have served three years in the military (any branch of service)
  • Must have an Honorable Discharge (copy of DD-214 required)
  • Must have a valid CDL
  • Must have a valid Medical Certificate

CLICK HERE to download and complete Military Skills Test Waiver