We take pride in safety.

Maintaining excellent safety operations and the newest fleet on the road, Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport is committed to protecting our drivers, our business, and the public at large. And when the company excels in safety, our haulers reap the rewards.

We want you, as a hauler, to avoid accidents and injury with the help of our safety experts and time-tested procedures. There’s a reason we’ve been exceeding government safety standards, and it’s because we have taken the steps necessary to lead in safety and damage avoidance. Here’s what we do to ensure safety:

  • We have made a $120 million reinvestment in our fleet over the past 5 years, so we have the newest fleet on the road. New transporters mean less chance of mechanical failure and greater use of the latest in safety features.

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  • We employ a full-time executive safety officer.
  • We have a loading supervisor at most locations to assist our drivers in loading cargo without incident.
  • We provide a 2-week comprehensive training course, teaching drivers to become professional car haulers. Training covers proper loading and unloading of vehicles, regulatory requirements, customer policies and procedures, company rules and much more.
  • After training is complete, new haulers are shadowed by experienced drivers. This on-the-job phase of our training has no time limits, as we want to ensure success to all driver trainees.

All of these industry-leading measures translate into a greatly reduced risk of injury – and increased chance of success – for new and experienced haulers. And successful, safe haulers are more likely to earn their damage-free bonuses and safety bonuses.

There’s a reason our motto is “Loaded with Experience, Delivered with Care.” Our drivers bring their experience; and we add training and operational excellence to ensure delivery with care.