Here’s where you belong.

Ours is a privately owned, “closely held” business where our management team sets the culture. And in our culture, we like to make sure that drivers are treated like members of the Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport family.

For us, it starts with the little things, like brewing a fresh pot of coffee and setting out snacks when haulers come in. And when you call one of our locations, the phone will be answered by a real person – not an automated system.

While the little things are important, we are also committed to the big things that make our company the best choice for drivers and their families. At the top of the list? A rich benefits package and excellent pay. We also offer scheduled raises for length of service and bonuses for safe driving and damage-free work.

There is certainly more to job satisfaction than money, however. Some of us value family time above all else. At H&A, we’re flexible enough to work with you and determine what routes best allow you to participate in family life. If you’d like to be home most weekends, we’d like to help make that happen.

For other people, the key to happiness is knowing that your feedback matters. At H&A, management’s door is always open, and we want to hear from you.

If it all sounds too good to be true, just know that we’re the real deal. And we never, ever forget to celebrate National Driver Appreciation Week.